Mobile UI-DEV

Creating compelling experiences for mobile users involves marrying many elements. Technology must be hidden and the options offered clear, intuitive and simple. Achieving these objectives requires understanding of the user’s goals, the environment or context in which the service is most likely accessed, user capabilities, handset features, and the resources in the mobile network. In addition we will discuss the impact of new technologies for visual user interfaces, gestures.

Invited Speakers and Discussion Leaders:
  • Clive Grinyer, Director Customer Experience Cisco / Smart Design
  • Hans Kaspar Hugentobler, Founder & CEO Chen Hugentobler Associates / People centric innovation
  • John Rice, Head of UE consultant Swisscom / Mobile user experience
  • Nicolas Nova, Lift Lab, User research and design implications
  • Sibylle Peuker, Senior UE consultant, Strategy & Innovation Swisscom / Mobile user experience
When: March 2, 2009. 18:00 (programme begins at 18:30) to 21:00
Where: IBM Innovation Center, Vulkanstrasse 106, Zurich (5 min. from Altstetten train station)
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